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 Common Questions About FitMixPro:

(for a general overview and CD burning info see HELP)

Got a question? Email: - we'll get back to you asap during office hours.

What's this? FitMixPro is a music download service from for fit pros. The service is based on our patented mixing system (as seen on Dragons' Den a few years ago as 'MixAlbum'!). You choose the tracks, click Mix It and the mixer creates your mix. The mixing is so good other fitness music companies actually use us to create the mixes they sell!

What's the PPL situation? FitMix Pro(TM) was the first download site licensed by the PPL UK Ltd. You should have a PPL licence for playing music from this site in public in the UK. If you have one already or you're covered by your fitness centre then you don't need a separate one from us.

The Pro-Dub Licence: You DO NOT need a Pro-Dub licence to play music from in your classes, on CD or mp3, as we pay the PRS directly. See these official FAQS on the PRS site, Section 3. You would only need one for music purchases from mainstream download sites.

The download Our download system is so easy to use we guarantee you'll be able to get it downloaded and burnt to CD seamlessly. Afteryou click Mix It and go through the checkout you get 3 options on your download page: 1. The All-in-one PC Mix Download manager (as seen in the How To Use video, this comes with our seamless CD burner). 2. A zip of your mix mp3s; and 3. The option to download the mix in one whole mp3, so you can play it seamlessly on any mp3 device.

How long does it take? Once you've decide which tracks you want, click Mix It and pay online (via Paypal), the mix usually takes around 5 minutes to be completed. You will be emailed when it is ready. We would recommend allowing 5 minutes to download the mix depending on your broadband connection.

What CDs should I use to burn my mix? Using high quality CD-Rs, such as the Taiyo Yuden brand that is available for purchase on Clickmix, will help eliminate the possibility of burning a poor quality CD.

Is there a maximum and minimum number of tracks that I can add to each mix? The minimum number of tracks you can have in a mix is 10. There is no maximum (just remember max 77mins if you're going to burn to CD!).

What payment methods can I use? We use the secure PayPal(TM) payment system. Customers who are not registered with PayPal(TM) can pay using the system without registering with Paypal(TM), just follow the 'Don't have a PayPal account? Click Here' link whn you get to PayPal(TM).

Can I view all of the mixes that I have purchased? No, only the latest mix (we have to delete previous mixes, otherwise we'd run out of disk space!) Your mix is available to download for 72 hours after purchase - if you missed it don't worry, email our customer support for help:

Can I use the same track in more than one mix? New! As of Nov 2016, any tacks you buy can be used in one extra mix, for free!

Where do I get a receipt for my purchases? After you click Mix It and pay via Paypal you will get an E-mail VAT receipt for any purchase you make.

How do I publish one of my mixes? Go to My Account, then My Mixes. Select the mix that you would like to publish as a pre-mix. At the bottom of your track listing will be an area where you can decide who will see your published mix, specify the type of class your mix is good for, title your mix and add any comments about your mix such as BPM, genre, etc. before clicking 'Publish' to publish your mix.

Why can't I hear the sample clips or the demo mix? If the speakers on your computer are working properly and the volume is turned up, then you may need to download the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player, which can be found for free at .

Why do I have gaps in my mix? If you did not use our 1-Click CD Burner you will have gaps in your mix. Our 1-Click CD Burner is custom designed to work with the tracks provided to create a seamless CD. The tracks cannot be burned seamlessly with any other software.

Does FitMixPro(TM) work on Macs? Mac users can use FitMixPro(TM) however our custom CD burner will not work on a Mac.

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*Terms and conditions apply. All music by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and copyright the respective rights holders. FitMix Pro is a music service for fitness professionals. Using our patented AutoDJ, fit pros create custom mixes for their classes - just choose your tracks and click Mix It! The AutoDJ mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for choreography to go with freestyle routines.
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