New Tracks and Mixes

BBMaverick99 - 174LATEST MIX
ClaireHorobin126 - 130Autumn Circuits 2019
rEmidEmiMunich127 - 1352019 Sommer-Mix
Kraftakt139 - 146Step on Fire July - October...
LizzieC130 - 148LATEST MIX 57
Vampire Weekend98Harmony Hall [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Fisher124You Little Beauty [Breakdowns]
sample clip
Years & Years124Worship (Todd Terry Remix)
sample clip
Sigala & Becky Hill125Wish You Well (Benny Benass...
sample clip
Craig David130When You Know What Love Is ...
sample clip
Tony Di Bart129The Real Thing
sample clip
Tony Di Bart129The Real Thingsample clip
Tony Di Bart129The Real Thing [Unmixed Sin...sample clip
sample clip
DJ S.K.T125Ballers [Big Breakdown]
sample clip
Shura172Whats It Gonna Be?
sample clip
The Cure154Just Like Heaven
sample clip
traceydh139 - 141Kettles July 2019
joyce77135 - 145Piloxing Summer
Biancaburton180 - 171July mix 2
ScouseSJ139 - 145BOOTCAMP/CORE
traceydh133warm up and cool downs
C-L99 - 175My Mix
sara87124 - 150summer 2019
Naomiczuba136 - 144My Mix
blonde.0149140 - 152summer 19 highlights
sammirlliott128 - 136Garage and beats
PhoenixAcademy127 - 142Clubber Mix July 2019
SharonThomas128 - 135Club July 2019
Wendy Foster100 - 145Summer Mix
lizwilko127 - 174club 60
sgclarkgc128Bootybarre July 2019
mazza28120 - 138My Mix
lizwilko127 - 174club 59
viccercise125 - 175My First Mix 07/19
Naomiczuba104Reggaeton Flavour
Kazzer130 - 180Kaz's mix
gilltasker130 - 149LATEST MIX
Maggie Hackney129 - 132Steph Houghton 2019
ginny.landoni128 - 138My Mix
BBMaverick99 - 175Clubbercise Mix 4 - Vic 1
BBMaverick129 - 147Clubbercise Mix 7 - Vic
BBMaverick110 - 175Move It - Sonique
nesbitpc106 - 146Aqua OAP MIX
Clubbercise124 - 145Re:MIX 20
Leftwing & Kody126I Feel It
sample clip
KDA f Angie Stone132The Human Stone
sample clip
R3HAB & Skytech140Hyperspacesample clip
R3HAB & Skytech140Hyperspace [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Sigma f Take That170Cry [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Sigma f Take That128Cry (Control-S Remix)
sample clip
CamelPhat & Jake Bugg122Be Someone [Breakdowns]
sample clip
Sammy Porter f Liv Dawson125Talking Like Friends (VIP M...
sample clip
Apptest22115 - 145My Mix
BodenT156129 - 182My Mix
benycbr133 - 148HBFS 12
Biancaburton180 - 171Bianca July 19 mix
BrendanGeorge89135 - 150Aerobic Summer
cloverbrown125 - 174past and present
jofoxy115 - 145Foxy 1
FabFit777104 - 128LATEST MIX
paigeverity125 - 131LATEST MIX
Emmaly28130 - 150Step Mix 7
jessicat136JVCat mix
Lizzy Loo81118 - 156My Mix
bex111130 - 140rave ride
lizwilko125 - 175club 58
SharonPalmer65 - 130My Mix Flowetics
Dancercise9124 - 12750 plus
jennajake14130 - 182My Mix jenna
carl.jones131 - 142Clubbercise Track Mix 2
davebritt62126 - 180tabata moutain
EmilyD96 - 137Spin class 45
stewartt33134 - 142Hi/LO STAY
kigiriwe130 - 142My Mix Sommer 2019
BBMaverick125 - 171CLUB MIX VLT-01
d8fle120 - 132My Mix
AimeeHenderson 135 - 142TFG Aerobics 3
Curlybob125 - 145Clubbercise 5
Sub Focus174Desire [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Mickey Modelle vs Jessy140Dancing In The Dark [Unmixe...sample clip
Will Smith108Miami
sample clip
Pendulum174Tarantula [Unmixed Single]sample clip
DJ Kool103Let Me Clear My Throatsample clip
2 Unlimited130Tribal Dance [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Chocolate Puma133I Wanna Be U [Unmixed Single]sample clip
CLiQ f Alika123Wavey [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Praise Cats132Shined On Me [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Tomcraft132Loneliness [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Secondcity122I Wanna Feel [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Icona Pop, Charli XCX126I Love It [Unmixed Single]sample clip
Madonna125Hung Up [Unmixed Single]sample clip
The Adventures of Stevie V121Dirty Cash [Unmixed Single]sample clip
CLiQ f Alika123Waveysample clip
Tomcraft132Lonelinesssample clip
Secondcity122I Wanna Feelsample clip
The Adventures of Stevie V121Dirty Cash (Money Talks)sample clip
Sub Focus174Desiresample clip
Mickey Modelle vs Jessy140Dancing In The Darksample clip
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All music by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and copyright the respective rights holders. FitMix Pro is the most popular music download service for fitness professionals. Using our patented AutoDJ, fit pros create custom mixes for their classes - just choose your tracks and click Mix It! The AutoDJ mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for choreography to go with freestyle routines.
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