How To Use FitMix Pro - Music for Fitness

Welcome to FitMix Pro! We make beatmatched, seamless mixes of the tracks you choose, instantly. This service is exclusively for fitness professionals. Any questions? Email: - we'll get back to you asap during office hours.

1. New School: Join our Premium membership, download the App, and enjoy a hassle free streaming service (like Spotify Premium, but for Fit Pros!).

Here's a quick tour of the app - It's 4 Tabs: 1 My Mixes, 2 Browse, 3 Search, and 4 New Mix:

FitMix Pro - Awful videos, great mixes!

2. Old School: Prefer permanent copies on CD? Here's how to create perfect mixes for your class:

The complete guide in 3 minutes - from choosing your tracks to burning your CD.

New to downloading? Don't worry! Give it a try, we're sure you'll love your new mix, & if you don't you can get a full refund with our satisfaction guarantee!


  1. Browse the tracks and add some to your Tracklist. To preview mixes, click the MIX DEMO between tracks in the Tracklist. It's addictive!

  2. Click EDIT MIX which appears at the top of the Tracklist. You can alter the speeds, track order, and see your total mix length.

  3. When your Tracklist is ready, click MIX IT!.

Your mix is then created by our Auto DJ in about 5 minutes, and you can download it from ‘My Account’.

3 TIPS: There are some extra features on the site to help you make your perfect mix:

1. 32-Count Filter - You can see this in the Search options (top left) - if this is ticked only 32-count tracks will be displayed. These are all choreography-friendly - they always have a beat reference and will be mixed in 32-count format sections.

2. [Breakdown] - If you see this in a track title it means the track has a 'breakdown' or 'build-up' section, but if the track is '32-count', even these sections will have an easy beat reference.

3. Sample clips: - Click on the small grey square icon next to each track.


Non-Subscribers: You will have 3 options:

Option 1. The Download Manager for PCs

Screenshot of the All-In-One FitMixPro Download Manager.

This is the easy option and it's compatible with nearly all PCs. It includes a seamless CD burner. This comes as an executable .exe file - so you may need to tell your virus checker to allow it.

Option 2. The Zip - For Macs and PCs

This is a .zip file (a collection of files compressed into one) which includes all the mixed mp3 files plus a Mac CD burner. This is useful if you have a Mac (or if you have a PC, and want to transfer your tracks to iTunes and Option 1 wasn't compatible).

  1. Open Option 2 on your computer (called MixAlbum-xxxxx.ZIP)
  2. (PC USERS ONLY: Click Extract All Files).
  3. Open iTunes and create a new Playlist.
  4. Drag the mp3 files into your new playlist.
  5. If they are in the wrong order:
    • Click Edit Playlist
    • Click Sort by Name, then 'Done'.
    • RIGHT-Click the Playlist name in the left column, and click "Copy to Play Order".
  6. Connect your iPad/iPhone and SYNC your new playlist to it.
  7. When you play the mix, make sure Shuffle is off!

Option 3. The One-Long-MP3 - For all players

This is one long .mp3 file of your entire mix. It's compatible with everything - phones, ipads, all mp3 players etc - but it will show as 1 track so its not as easy to skip through.

Please note: the download options outside of the app are only available for standard users. Both standard and premium users can download their mixes to the app.

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*Terms and conditions apply. All music by the ORIGINAL ARTISTS and copyright the respective rights holders. FitMix Pro is a music service for fitness professionals. Using our patented AutoDJ, fit pros create custom mixes for their classes - just choose your tracks and click Mix It! The AutoDJ mixes tracks seamlessly in 32 count format for choreography to go with freestyle routines.
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