Live Streaming Classes

Live Streaming Your Classes During the Lockdown

We've been working with our suppliers, PPL and PRS to get permission for you to live-stream your classes during the lockdown. Sorry for the delay, this had to go all the way to the major labels!

Different suppliers may have different agreements in place, so the following is strictly for music purchased from We can confirm that:

Both the PRS and PPL have given their consent to allow music purchased from us to live-stream classes on Facebook Live and Youtube Live;

This is subject to the following:


  1. Max 60 participants per class.

  2. Each class must be no longer than 60 minutes.

  3. This covers LIVE streaming. It does not cover the recording of classes, so don't save the session afterwards.

  4. Each class streamed will be treated as a standard class delivered under the existing exercise to music licence and so the person streaming the class must have a current valid PPL licence.

Other suppliers have different rules, they may have fewer rights than us. The above is solely for music purchased from


How? Youtube Live is easy on a laptop or desktop:

It can take 24 hours to activate your Youtube Account for Streaming, do it now!

  • When you're logged in to Youtube click the + Plus sign.
  • Click "Go Live".

Can I charge for access to my classes? Yes. One option is to Request Payment using Paypal.

Can I record my classes? No, you have to stream them live.

Will Facebook / YouTube ban my page? No instructor pages have been banned for using our music.

Facebook automatically checks live streams and may send a warning (they don't know you're an instructor). The PPL have updated Facebook and Youtube directly, and there's a good dispute system if anything happened. It's never got that far, but the rightsholders and ourselves are ready to confirm you are using the music legitimately.

Will Facebook / YouTube mute my live class? Youtube doesn't check live streams. Facebook: This hasn't happened since PPL were in touch with them directly, the issue only seems to occur if you try and save the session.

If you're still worried about Facebook, use Youtube - you don't need any subscribers to stream from a computer (you only need subscribers if you want to use your mobile).

Zoom? Although everyone seems to be using Zoom, and the PPL are happy with it (subject to rules above), the PRS have not given their consent to use Zoom.

The response we've seen by fitness instructors to overcome this situation has been inspiring. If you have any questions that aren't answered above please let us know, we're getting a lot of emails so please bear with us.

Updated 18th May.

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